Cerro Manquehue 

In the Mapuche language (Mapudungun) Manquehue means "place of condors". Not for nothing was assigned this name, here you will have a good chance to see this fabulous bird symbol of the Los Andes mountain (most likely during the months of August and September). In some cases we see condors (Vultur gryphus) with a wingspan of up to 3 meters.


The best scenario to wach Santiago from the top! the view of Santiago is stunning , this is something that you will tell your grandchildren up, really a unique experience.​


The trail has a medium slope in the last part and in total take around 2:30 round trip.

Transfer time: 25-45 minutes

The tour includes:

- Pick up and drop at your hostel

- Guides

- Access to the trail

Activity duration : 4-5 hours

Physical difficulty : MEDIUM DIFFICULTY

Season : all year long. during the summer is going to be a twilight trekking and during the winter is going to be a night trekking.

Prices for a private tour:

1 person:  $60.000 CLP (USD $100)

2 person: $80.000 CLP (USD $135)

3 person: $115.000 CLP (USD $190)

4 person: $140.000 CLP (USD $230)

Manquehue mountain from the bottom.

View from the summit

Condor on the Manquehue mountain

Photo time!

Condor sighting

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