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It seems that the history of snowshoeing began in Central Asia, some 4000 years before Christ. Probably the primitive men were inspired by some animals characterized by their large legs, which moved easily on the mantle of snow, while the man's feet sank in the snow. Walking with snowshoes is an activity that can also be practiced with children. It is a sport fit for everyone.​

Live a different family adventure, walk on snow in a virgin mountain landscape, an experience hard to forget. You just have to know how to walk.

We will enjoy an adventure in the mountains, shoes and snowshoes we will go through the snow. We walk towards a valley where you can see and feel nature at its best. Suitable for the whole family. A great private adventure!

The place to do the excursion will depend on the day you want to go and the conditions of the snow. We have three places with the best conditions near Santiago for trekking with snowshoes: Yerba Loca natural sanctuary, Cajon del Maipo or Farellones. Tell us what day you want to go and we will recommend you the best place!

TRANSFER TIME: 60-90 minutes.


PICK UP: 07:30.

DROP OFF: 18:00.


  • pick up and drop at your hotel

  • professional guide

  • snowshoes

  • trekking poles

  • gloves

  • box lunch

  • outdoor table

  • first aid kit

  • entrance fee

  • accident insurance

  • radios handy 

OPTIONAL: BBQ or Visit a local lodge to stop for a traditional chilean dish (Not Included).

YOU MUST BRING: Comfortable mountain shoes, technical mountain clothing, sun hat (preferably hat with wings), backpack, sunglasses and sunscreen, lip balm and water to drink.



SEASON: May - October.



1 person: US $ 250

2 person: US $ 160 each

3 person: US $ 140 each

4 person: US $ 130 each

5 or more persons: US $ 110 each

snowshoes yerba loca
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