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The climb to the crater of the Villarrica Volcano is one of the main attractions of Chile, visited every year by thousands of people from all over the world and considered one of the most active in South America.

With an altitude of 2.847 meters. This volcano and our agency Mawida Adventures promise a unique mountain experience, under the highest safety standards, delivering to each passenger all the technical equipment necessary for the ascent to the crater of the Villarrica Volcano: mountain boots, helmet, crampons, ice ax, trouser covers, jacket, gloves, leggings, backpack and gas mask.

There are approximately 5 hours of walking to its summit and 2:30 hr. Return. It is required to be over 12 years of age, and have a medium physical condition, sports attitude and a lot of motivation.


TRANSFER TIME: 40 minutes

IT INCLUDES:​ Mountain Boots, Crampons, Ice Ax, Helmet, Leggings, Trousers, Jacket, Gloves, Mittens, Gas mask, Backpack, Entrance to Villarrica National Park, Professional mountain guide (English and Spanish), Transfer-Return, Insurance against accident and radio communication.

NOT INCLUDED: lift ticket, food, socks, sunglasses, sunscreen or any additional service.

ACTIVITY DURATION: 10 hours approx.



SEASON: Fall-Winter: 06:45 until 17:00 approx. Spring-Summer: 06:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


You should come dressed with:

▪ Long and thick socks.
▪ Long sleeve t-shirt (ideal that is not cotton because it retains too much moisture)
▪ A polerón de polar (or similar)
▪ A softshell jacket (or similar)
▪ First layer pant.
▪ Long pants (preferably of trekking, it can also be a diver or hose, ideal that is not cotton because it retains too much moisture)
▪ 1 Cap for the cold
▪ Solar Blocker
▪ Cold gloves (if any)
▪ Sunglasses

~ Suggestion for Food:

▪ 2 liters of water per person
▪ Chocolate
▪ Sandwich
▪ Fruit
▪ Cereal bars
▪ Nuts

~ Other Suggestions:
▪ Carry a camera or cell phone loaded.
▪ Hygienic paper
▪ Bag for garbage

The ski center has a lifeline that could save them walking approximately 1:30, has a value of 10,000 that must be paid in Chilean pesos, directly to the staff of the ski center.

This service is optional, you decide if you take it or prefer to walk. 

The price of the lift ticket is $ 12,000 per person.


REGULAR: us $135 each.

PRIVATE: us $210 each. Minimun two people.


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